2021 Camp Dates

2021 Camp Dates



June 26-27

1st-2ndSonshineCYNS2 July 17-18
3rd-5thGrowin’ In GraceCYNG1 June14-16
3rd-5thGrowin’ In GraceCYNG2 July 12-14
3rd-5thJoyCYNJ1 June 18-20
6th6th Grade CampCYNX1 Cancelled
 7th-8thWilderness CYNW1Cancelled
6th-8thCLUE JrCYNU1 June 7-11
 7th-Grad SparkCYNP1 June 21-25
9th-GradCLUE SrCYNU2 July 26-30
Grade Camp Code Date
1st-2nd Sonshine EGNS1  June 26-27
 3rd-4th Growin’ In Grace EGNG1  June 21-23
3rd-4th Growin’ In Grace EGNG2  July 12-14
5th-6th 5th and 6th Grade Camp EGNX1  June 21-25
5th-6th 5th and 6th Grade Camp EGNX2  July 12-16
6th-8th Journey  EGNY1  June 2-6
9th-Grad Egan Sr. High EGNR1  June 7-11
7th-8th   Egan Jr. High   EGNR2  June 14-18
9th-Grad Creative Spirit Arts Camp ENGZ1    Cancelled


1st-2ndSonshineXPS1June 26-27
3rd-5thGrowin’ in GraceXPG1July 9-11
6th-GraduatesCross Point Youth CampXPH1July 13-17
9th-GradeDayspring SouthXPD1July 5-9
6th-8thLead Middle SchoolXPE2June 28-July 2
9th-GradLead High SchoolXPE1June 28-July 2
11th-GradLead +XPE3June 28-July 2
1st-2nd Sonshine-Canyon CYNS1 June 26-27
1st-2nd Sonshine-Canyon CYNS2 July 17-18
1st-2nd Sonshine-Egan EGNS1 June 26-27
1st-2nd Sonshine-Cross Point XPS1 June 26-27
3rd-5th Growin in Grace-Canyon CYNG1 June 14-16
3rd-5th Growin in Grace-Canyon CYNG2 July 12-14
3rd-5th Joy-Canyon CYNJ1 June 18-20
3rd-5th Growin in Grace-Egan EGNG1 June 21-23
3rd-5th Growin in Grace- Egan EGNG2 July 12-14
3rd-5th Growin in Grace-Cross Point XPG1 July 9-11
6th 6th Grade Camp-Canyon CYNX1 Cancelled
5th & 6th 5th & 6th Grade Camp-Egan EGNX1 June 21-25
5th & 6th 5th & 6th Grade Camp-Egan EGNX2 July 12-16
7th-8th Wilderness-Canyon CYNW1 Cancelled
6th-8th Clue Jr.- Canyon CYNU1 June 7-11
6th-8th Journey-Egan EGNY1 June 2-6
6th-8th Lead Middle School XPE2 June 28-July 2
7th-Grad Spark-Canyon CYNP1 June 21-25
7th-8th Egan Jr. High- Egan EGNR2 June 14-18
9th-Grad Egan Sr. High- Egan EGNR1 June 7-11
6th-Grad Cross Point Youth Camp XPH1 July 13-17
9th-Grad Clue Sr.- Canyon CYNU2 July 26-30
9th-Grad Dayspring South XPD1 July 5-9
9th-Grad Lead High School XPE1 June 28-July 2
11th-Grad Lead Plus  XPE3 June 28-July 2