1st & 2nd Grade

Sonshine, entering 1st through 2nd grade

Early elementary campers enjoy a taste of hiking, swimming, crafts and active learning in small groups under the caring and watchful eye of shepherds and leaders.

All activities and creative worship in this overnight camp are geared for this younger age-level. After this fun camping experience, children will want to return to camp year after year.

Contact any dean below for more information about these camps.

Sonshine 1S1 at Canyon – Luisa Medina, luisa@newhopeokc.org

Sonshine 1S2 at Canyon – Donna Magruder, campdeandonna@yahoo.com

Sonshine 2S1 at Egan – Jane Danner, janeca@ostatemail.okstate.edu and Alyssa Hamilton, afhamilton@deweyk12.org

Sonshine 3S1 at Cross Point – Donna Magruder, campdeandonna@yahoo.com

3rd through 5th Grade

Growin’ In Grace, entering 3rd – 5th grade

Older elementary campers have the opportunity to experience God’s love in God’s beautiful creation over this three day; two night camp. In addition to hiking, swimming, recreation, and crafts, campers participate in interactive small group learning and creative worship.

During these experiences, campers build relationships with new friends from other churches around the state that continue as they return to camp year after year.

Contact any dean below for more information about these camps.

Growin’ In Grace 1G1 at Canyon – Rev. Cali Eck, eckhouse95@gmail.com

Growin’ In Grace 1G2 at Canyon – Jodi Combs, jodi.combs@gmail.com

Growin’ In Grace 2G1(3rd-4th Grade only) at Egan – Darren Johnson, darren.johnson.253@gmail.com

Growin’ In Grace 2G2 at Egan(3rd-4th Grade only) – Jane Danner, janeca@ostatemail.okstate.edu and Linda Saviers, lasaviers@cox.net

Growin’ In Grace 3G1 at Cross Point – Desirea Sweeden, desisweeden@gmail.com


3rd through 5th Grade - Creative Arts

Joy, entering 3rd – 5th grade

In this electives-base older elementary camp, campers will have the opportunity for swimming, nature hikes, worship, and creative activities. Campers choose discovery centers where they can share their gifts of music, drama, sports, dance, and more. The joy of active learning and expressions of God’s gift within each camper is the focus of this camp.

As a result of attending Joy camp, campers will know that they are uniquely gifted to worship God

Contact any of the deans below for more information about these camps.

Joy 1J1 at Caynon – Susan Robinson, srobinson@saokc.org

Joy 2J1 at Egan(3rd-4th grade only) – Jennifer Price, jlprice01@yahoo.com

6th Grade Camp

Entering 6th grade

This week is an opportunity for campers to experience living in community with others, with God, and in creation so that they begin to see and feel God’s love every day within themselves, their friends, families, and their local churches.

Each site features unique aspects for campers. For instance, Camp Egan features creek walks, a Discovery Center and cookouts.

Trained, experienced leaders facilitate faith development in small groups, in worship, and through fun activities with others. Campers will return home knowing more about who they are as individuals, as members of a community, and in relation to God through Jesus Christ.

Contact any of the deans below for more information about these camps.

6th Grade Camp 1X1 at Canyon – Tessa Stutzman, tessa@choctawumc.com

5th* and 6th Grade Camp 2X1 at Egan – Cindy Johnson, johnsoncindy2002@yahoo.com

5th* and 6th Grade Camp 2X2 at Egan – Jennifer Price, jlprice01@yahoo.com

6th Grade Camp 3X1 at Cross Point – Hannah Hiller, hillerhannah94@gmail.com