Sustaining Gift Program-Covid-19 Relief

What is our sustaining gift program?

Covid-19 hit OK United Methodist Camps like a natural disaster– much like a flood or tornado. While there is no visible damage, our ability to host groups and camps was immediately cut off.

Our ministry gathers people in group settings so that they might grow closer in community and with God. CDC recommendations for social distancing made what we do impossible in 2020. OK Camps lost almost 85% of our yearly business due to groups not being able to gather safely. While programs such as Family Camps were put in place to enable families to enjoy our unique settings this summer, they provided minimal revenue. 

Did you know that:

  • The average site utility expense is $6,400 per month- even if no guests are present. And we have 3 sites.
  • Buildings still need to be heated during winter months so that plumbing doesn’t freeze.
  • HVAC units and hot water heaters continue to need repair or replacement.

Therefore we are asking for your help. OK Camps needs your support to continue weathering this storm. Please ensure that when Covid-19 subsides, our ministry will  be ready to provide the same life changing ministry that has taken place for over 75 years.  


Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of our ministry for the next year or more. Your monthly gift will join others to ensure OK Camps can continue. No gift is too small, and each will have a major impact on our sustainability.


The monthly sustaining gift program enables you to make an EASY, LOW monthly gift, that will make all the difference! Every penny counts, and together we can ensure OK Camps is here and ready for your campers in 2021 and beyond!

How do I give?

The monthly sustaining gift program is hosted by the Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation. By using the button below you will be directed to their website to set up your recurring monthly gift. Please follow these directions: 

  1.  Select you monthly donation amount. Some easy tiers are suggested below.
  2. Select “Recurring” as your donation frequency at the bottom of the page.
  3. You will then be prompted to sign-in or sign-up for an account with the OK United Methodist Foundation.
  4. Once you sign-in you will be asked to assign a donation frequency, and start and end dates for you gift. You can assign an end date of Dec. 2021, OR elect to continue as a sustaining partner on an ongoing basis. 
  5. You will then be asked to enter a credit card or bank account draft information. 
  6. Finally, you MUST include a donation message on the final page before submitting your donation. Please include the Message ” OK Camps Monthly Sustainer Fund” in order for your gift to be routed to the correct account.