2023 Virtual Camp Book

2023 Virtual Camp Book is Here!

Registration is now open!

United Methodist Early Bird Discounts are effective until April 15th. Payment for Early Bird is due April 30th. 

Welcome to the 2023 camp book! You will find everything you need to know about the 2023 summer in the documents below. Please use, print, or share these at your convenience to keep parents, church staff, and youth workers informed and engaged in the 2023 camp season. We can’t wait to see you!

If there are any changes to or updates about the 2023 camping season, we will update this page and keep you informed. 

Please note: Clergy and staff from non-UMC churches will not be able to register for camps this summer. Campers, parents and other adult leaders may still register.


OK Camps

Here are some resources for Community Health Best Practices and Safety:

OK Camps Community Health Letter

How to Wear Mask


Dayspring South has been cancelled for this summer. 

Egan Growin’ in Grace 1 (June 19-21) Dean Announcement: Dana Parker, 919-510-7507, dparker@okumc.org

Egan Growin’ in Grace 2 (July 10-12) Dean Update:  Linda Saviers, 918-252-1679 ext 106, lsaviers@faithtulsa.org

Egan Sonshine (June 24-25) Dean Update: Hope Wiggs, 918-699-0121, hopewiggs@bostonavenue.org

Canyon Sonshine (June 24-25) Dean Announcement: Megan Borum, 405-650-5426, megan@fumcedmond.org

Intro and Resources

Info by Camp